Traditional fixed braces

Traditional fixed braces have experience on their side. They’ve been tried and trusted by orthodontists for decades. 

Fixed braces straighten teeth using a combination of metal brackets and wires. Our team will attach a small square bracket to the front of each tooth and connect them using a thin archwire. This wire gradually aligns your brackets and teeth into the perfect position.

Elastic bands come in a variety of colours, so you’ll be able to customise your braces at each appointment. Choose from understated options like white and grey, or stand out with an array of rainbow colours.

If you’re having private orthodontic treatment, you can choose self-ligating fixed braces. Instead of using elastic bands to hold the archwire in place, they have a clever sliding mechanism, which reduces friction and speeds up wire changes.

At the end of your treatment, we’ll give you retainers to keep your smile looking shipshape. Your fixed and/or removable retainers should be worn indefinitely to prevent your teeth from shifting.

There’s more than one reason why fixed braces have stood the test of time:

  • They’re effective. They’re great at moving teeth to exactly where you want them.
  • They’re versatile. They can help with anything from simple crowding to significant spacing.
  • They’re affordable. For many patients they provide a cost-effective alternative to invisible braces.
  • They’re discreet. We can disguise your fixed braces with subtle clear brackets.

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